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Blasting on Metacritic Users 7: Modern Warfare 3

This new blog series titled "Blasting on Metacritic Users" is about users who overrates or underrates a movie, TV show, game or music and just how wrong they are. Today, we're taking a look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It scored an overall 3.0/10 based on 4961 ratings according to metacritic (the scores can easily change) which indicates "generally unfavorable reviews", obviously way underrated and this article is going to explain why this game is more of a 9/10. If you strongly agree with this review, you can help bring the ratings down by submitting a positive rating on the website. A review is optional!

Modern Warfare 3, though not as good as it's predecessors, is a fantastic game. It's a bit similar to MW2 but hey, it's Call of Duty. What do you expect? A hack and slash game with a bit of RPG element? You came to the wrong place.

Call of Duty gives you more of the same, like many other franchises, and that's what Call of Duty should do. People talk about how Call of Duty should change but no one contributes any ideas and the formula sells so why change it? Hence why there are so many negative reactions and you can tell some just follow the bandwagon, not having an open mind or an opinion for themselves.

The compelling campaign and stellar multiplayer modes is what makes Call of Duty. Call of Duty can become a football game but then it wouldn't be Call of Duty and the franchise has enough b****es jumping on the bandwagon, boycotting the franchise as well as using the same excuse to hate the franchise every year "it's the same thing", so change is not going to solve anything. If anything, it'll make it worse.

Even if they use a newer engine, with loads of haters complaining about the "dated" graphics (graphics isn't everything y'know), there would still be haters. Same amount as it is today. It runs consistently at 60 FPS which makes up for it's graphics, it's not the best but it still looks good.

Consistent frame rate is required for competitive play rather than graphics that makes you go "wow" and there are loads of better looking games such as Uncharted as well as Final Fantasy. Because that's what makes Call of Duty the fast-paced, addictive shooter that it is today. What makes Call of Duty the most famous shooter?

Simple, this game offers what very few games offer, you know, sometimes there's nothing like running around stabbing people or quick scoping and running while shooting on all directions. Call of Duty does that better than any game, that's what the fans like and that's the right answer. There are many worse games out there, Prison Break: The Conspiracy and Terminator: Salvation are just some of the games that are worse than Call of Duty.

Survivor Mode is an addition to the already seen Spec Ops. It's not original but it's a great addition to the franchise that surpasses zombie mode in Treyarch's Call of Duty, enemies don't spawn in the same place. Instead, they move tactically based on your current location so you can camp in one spot and shoot all the enemies but you can't do that forever. It lets you practice all the weapons seen in multiplayer so the skills that you've learnt can be extrapolated and transferred into multiplayer, Call of Duty's highlight feature. Zombies is just for fun but it's not really that fun anymore now that Modern Warfare 3 has Survival Mode and, hopefully, we'll see it again in Infinity Ward's next Call of Duty (presumably titled Modern Warfare 4).

Multiplayer has some great new modes that adds more depth into the multiplayer mode. Infected is like zombies and it's really intense as well as addictive. It's a fun mode for those who don't care about their K/D ratio. Kill Confirmed is another good one, it's TDM but you collect dog tags that counts as a kill. This is a bit more team based mode as opposed to the regular TDM where players are free to wonder about.

Killsteaks is revamped so it's now called Pointstreaks. Kills doesn't just count towards your Killstreaks anymore, completing objectives such as planting bomb or capture the flag counts towards Killstreaks and this encourages players to play the objective in objective based game modes.

Killstreaks are organized into three different strike packages. Assault for chopper gunners, Support for UAV and Specialist for more perks. These are also customizable so you can have one class where you have the Assault packages and in the other class, you can use Specialist so you don't have to go back to the menu to change your Killstreaks; just customize them from your existing classes.

There's a lot of features in Modern Warfare 3 that haters fail to see. Prestige Shop encourages you to prestige, you get a token every time you prestige and you can use that token to buy double XP as well as an extra class. Each weapon has Proficiencies, which is basically perks, and you can only use one at a time. You can have one where you can add an extra attachment, one that reduces recoil and many more.

Overpowered perks and dolphin dive, seen in Black Ops, have been removed so the game is more balanced. Infinity Ward fixes bugs and glitches unlike Danger Close, who did a really bad job with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. With that being said, Modern Warfare 3 has gone above and beyond the Call of Duty with an amazing campaign as well as stellar multiplayer modes.

FPS fans, don't miss out. Call of Duty lives up to the hype, and this game is how Call of Duty evolves. Infinity Ward takes a streamlined approach, which is why Modern Warfare 3 isn't as good as Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4. But still, Infinity Ward did a good job with the Call of Duty franchise.


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