Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Theatrical release poster
The Amazing Spider-Man is a superhero movie. It’s the first of another Spider-Man trilogy so you can probably guess what the movie is basically about, the origins of Spider-Man and how he saves the day.

After director Sam Raimi decided not to make a fourth Spider-Man film, Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to start from scratch and reboot the series so that they can keep the rights to make a motion picture based on the franchise.

Initial impression of the casting choices was, at first, skeptical  Sure, Garfield and Stone are great actors but were they suitable for their role? After seeing the movie, you can see the effort that the cast puts into their role, especially Garfield, as well as the easy chemistry between Garfield and Stone.

As usual, the actions sequences are thrilling to watch but some of them, as well as the CGI for The Lizard, were very unconvincing. The Spider-Man costume looks a bit weird but this doesn't drag the whole movie down. The film also feels rushed as the film moves along; it just couldn't wait to get to the next scene.

We do want to see Spider-Man back in action but we don’t want to see the origins of Spider-Man over and over again. The movie revisits many of the same plot points from Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie. It would've been more exciting to see Spider-Man 4, despite the disappointing third film, because then the story would've continued.

It’s hard to feel sympathy for Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man when compared to Raimi’s Spider-Man. His films displays the struggles that Peter Parker goes through every day, whether he’s Spider-Man or an unpopular high school student. Garfield, as Parker, is a little cocky, despite getting picked on by Flash, but still quite likable.

In conclusion, The Amazing Spider-Man is far from amazing with its many flaws. But for what it is, The Amazing Spider-Man is a thrilling superhero movie thanks to Webb’s bold direction and the enjoyable performances from its cast. It’s great to see Spider-Man back into web-slinging action but we could probably live without the reboot.