Monday, 3 September 2012

The Dictator Review

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Sasha Baron Cohen stars as Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya, who pays a visit to the United States of America to ensure that democracy would never come to his country.

After starring in Larry Charles’s previous two mockumentaries, Borat and Bruno, it looks like they’re both taking a turn for scripted comedy, not exactly for the better. The result is equally funny and offensive just like Bruno though The Dictator is, of course, more predictable and it doesn't quite meet the standards of Borat.

Some jokes go on for too long, such as Aladeen complaining to Nadal that he wants his nuclear weapon to be pointy and that the round edge would bounce the nuclear weapon back to his country, little slapstick here and there but it serves some good laughs, throughout 90 minutes, for fans of Borat as well as Bruno.

If you’re new to the works of Larry Charles and Sasha Baren Cohen, you might still enjoy this but watching Borat first and then Bruno is highly recommended. Otherwise, if you’re not a fan, you might not appreciate The Dictator’s crude and vulgar measures.

The Dictator is worth the watch, even if it’s not the funniest movie of the year. So far that award goes to 21 Jump Street, well worth the watch. The movie may not be new or fresh in laughs, but it’s nice to see the film’s familiar comedy style.

In conclusion, The Dictator is a decent comedy that, more or less, measures up to Bruno. But from the works of Larry Charles and Sasha Baron Cohen, Borat still remains triumphant.


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