Sunday, 29 July 2012

Mysterious Skin

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Mysterious Skin is about two young boys who were sexually abused by their baseball couch and how the event changed their life forever. One of the boys grew up to be a reckless male prostitute (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and the other boy (Brady Corbet) repressed his assault by believing that he was abducted by aliens.

Mysterious Skin is a powerful tale about trauma and abuse that shreds light on child molestation, which is a very taboo subject that gets shoved under the rug in society. The film shows us that childhood incidences can stay with you forever, even child molestation, although the situation in Mysterious Skin isn’t very common.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's bold performance and Gregg Araki's (director of Smiley Face) sensitive direction makes this film less difficult to watch as it rewards you with a thought-provoking, touching experience.

It’s heart-breaking to see that Neil McCormick’s abuse was what steered him towards the self-destructive path of prostitution and the realistic portrayal of the long-term effect of child sexual abuse on young boys. This film has to be taken seriously by both movie buffs and regular audiences; otherwise it might actually make your skin crawl.

In conclusion, Mysterious Skin is Gregg Araki’s best film to date that open the eyes of the audiences. The film teaches us that for the abuser, the sexual act may seem harmless. But for the children, they can carry the resulting trauma for the rest of their lives. Mysterious Skin could've been painful, due to its subject matter, but it’s strangely the most moving film about child abuse.


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