Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tower Heist

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Tower Heist is a 2011 crime comedy movie about a group of employees, of an exclusive penthouse, who plans to rob $20,000,000 from businessman, Arthur Shaw, after he invest in their pension, what he invested their money on will be revealed in the film. The film follows Josh (Ben Stiller), Charlie (Casey Affleck), and Enrique (Michael Pena) with the help of criminal mastermind known as Slide (Eddie Murphy), former Tower tenant and businessman Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick), and another employee of the penthouse Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe).

Does the plot sound familiar? It should as it recycles plot from other heist film such as Inside Man which is also about a group of criminals who robs a bank and outsmarts the cops. Tower Heist obviously replaces intelligence with a few short laughs.

On the other hand, director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) did manage to make a formulaic film very enjoyable, as always, with a handful of stellar casts, namely Stiller (There’s Something About Mary), Sidibe (Precious), and FBI Agent Claire Denham portrayed by Tea Leoni (You Kill Me) but Eddie Murphy steals the show with the most hilarious performance out of all the cast in the film which is just as noteworthy as his performance in older movies such as 48 HRS and Trading Places.

In conclusion, Tower Heist feels very rushed, due to its less than 2 hours running time, and dull at times but the stars put a lot of effort into their characters. While film buffs may find the movie to be worth watching, regular audiences will find this film to be very appealing.


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