Sunday, 15 April 2012

Killer Elite

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Ex-special ops agent Danny Bryce (Jason Statham) attempts to rescue his friend Hunter (Robert De Niro) who is being held by Sheikh Amr, king of a small region of Oman, for not completing his job for Amr. Amr wants Danny to kill three former SAS agents for killing his three eldest sons and in return, he will release Hunter. Former agent Spike Logan (Clive Owens) has been sent, by a secret society of former millitants, to investigate on the mercenaries looking for former agents. A cat-and-mouse game then ensues between Danny and Spike.

Killer Elite is a bad film on almost every level. Sure we love to see lots of action, that’s certainly "better" than a plot. This is something for die-hard action fans to enjoy. Owen and De Niro, both stellar actors, is just a bonus. But all the good qualities in the film are nothing special as we have seen it one too many times in other movies, even with good acting. The filmmakers certainly remind you that the film is based on a book called The Feather Men which is apparently a true story denied by government officials. So true or not true, first time director of feature films Gary McKendry makes this film utterly unbelievable with all its Hollywood junkies.

In conclusion, for die-hard action fans you may find this movie worth watching although Fast Five gives you more for your money.


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